Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amethyst Eyes: Debbie Brown

Title: Amethyst Eyes
Author: Debbie Brown
Release Date: August 29, 2011
Pages: 292
Source: Review, Debbie Brown
Format: E-book
Stars: 4/5

The biggest thing on 15-year-old Tommy's mind is convincing Mom to let him go to the drive-in, but when an accident claims his mother's life and puts him in the hospital, the arrival of his estranged, alien father brings more changes than he had bargained for.It doesn't take his father long to figure out that Tommy knows nothing about who or what he is. Without any explanation, Tommy finds himself onboard his father's spaceship where he is forced to trust a man he does not know in a world he knows even less about. 

Adapting to his new life seems overwhelming, and his father's solution may prove to be Tommy's finest challenge yet...Jayden. A few months younger than Tommy, high strung and always in a mood, the doctor's daughter definitely didn't like being 'told' to help Tommy fit in. Jayden is not the most welcoming or patient of tutors, let alone a friend.As fate would have it, Tommy quickly learns that none of these things compare to the peril that comes from being born with amethyst eyes.

(Summary form Goodreads

I was a little worried when I first started reading this. I don't think I've ever read a strictly sci-fi book, and while I knew that's what this book was when I decided to review it, it still scared me. Along with that, the book wasn't really pulling me into it. So, how on Earth did it get four stars?

It was refreshing to read a book from a boys point of view. A boy that actually acted his age at that! He didn't have to be an adult, he acted like a scared teenager, adjusting to a very new life after the death of his mother.

I absolutely loved the idea of living on a spaceship and with the way the author described it, you actually felt like you were there. She had a way of making everything seem believable, which was shocking.

This book would be great for any sci-fi, adventure lover!

I will most definitely reading the prequel and sequel to this novel.I'm pretty sure Debbie is in the process of writing them now! I should also have an interview with her up soon!



  1. Thanks for the fun review Codi, it's nice to know what my readers think :o)

  2. Wow sounds like a great read!
    I did read a few good reviews about this book and I really feel like I should be reading it.

    I love your blog and reviews so I've bestowed you with the Liebster Blog Award! Go here to check it out!